Eigth hours cleaning

Yesterday after finishing writing my blog post I put on some Breaking bad for old times sake. Playing some phone games and -spoiler alert-. And when Jesse was thrown out of his house by his parents and I saw how clean and nice everything was when he tried to call Walter to tell him about him being thrown out. My first thought was, how nice it would be to decorate your own kitchen, refurnish and just make it really pretty how you want it.

I looked at my room, a complete mess with clothes, trash, old tissues and everything else, bags and whatever. I decided to start clean so I began to pick up some clothes to throw in the wash and some away that I no longer want or broken. So I called my mother in to help me out because I don’t know much about cleaning, where to start and so on.
She helped me out and we got the room clean we refurnished it and did some washing together. It took us eight hours. Just four of them intense cleaning.
But it was all day and I was really impressed with myself, I who just went on about me lacking the willpower and the energy to do anything and I just did it. Snap on the fingers and got to work. And today cleaned out my closet and just realized I have 4 sets of pjs… And more underwear than I thought I had, it’s really nice tho, I like it. It’s fresh new and clean and I’m really proud of myself.

So I suppose it’s thanks to Breaking Bad I decided to start cleaning… In a way.

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