I’d rather be…

So In lack of knowing what to do a daily post was something surprisingly interesting, to be honest. I’d Rather Be…
This will be interesting and honestly it’s something I’ve been thinking for many years. I’ve looked at a pretty girl and thought to myself: Look at her skin, that tone, flawless, beautiful. Her hair, too. Long straight silky. I’d rather be her than me.
But then I rethink, she have a boyfriend, a boyfriend I’m not the least interested in. I had someone who loved me and adored me. I have an alright life and amazing family. I think it’d be hard to be someone other than me, I like myself. Or well I’d like to be myself rather than someone else.
There’s many times I’ve met so many friend that live in England and I’ve thought to myself, I’d much rather be living there. But then I think all the benefits, all the help I’ve gotten where I am so then I just know. I rather much be here where I am.

Lately I’ve been dreaming of myself having loads of money, being someone to help my mom with money, my brother with food and furniture. Spoil my father and my younger siblings. But in the end of the day, as much as fun that’d be. Be somewhere else, be someone else be doing something other what I’m doing right now. Now I’m sitting and writing, while I want a camra and just film and make vlogs. Make a youtube channel. But then again if I’d do that I would have to fix my hair at least and I don’t want to do anything about my hair at the moment I feel lazy.

So if I’m to be somewhere, doing what else, be whoelse… Honestly, in the end of the day, even if my life is not the easiest. I’m happy being me, what I’m doing and where I am… I’m good with where, who and what I am. There is just one thing that I’d rather be…
I’d much rather be with him, right now.

2 thoughts on “I’d rather be…

  1. I can relate- you just made me realize and acknowledge that I’m ok with where and who I am right now, although we all have that silent wish to be in another predicament.


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