Day 2. Relationships up and downs

Everyone got some problems in their relationships, their down and up and…
Harsh problems you need to figure out in your relationship, difficult things to deal with together with your partner.


I remember when someone once told me that, a relationship cannot work without fighting and arguments, screaming at each other is how to keep a relationship healthy.
I didn’t agree on that and I still don’t agree on that, every relationship got it’s up and downs. But when it’s at most downs than it ups, then it’s unhealthy. Then it’s time to do something about it. I’ve dated many sweet amazing guys, one asshole. But everyone has had their downs along with ups.

My first real serious relationship was just a mess, and I hated the guy. I was together with him for a whole year and I really pushed myself through that because I thought, this is what love is, who else would love someone like me. After a while I just thought, I rather am alone than being with someone like him and I broke it up. And when it’s at that point, it’s just sad…

My second relationship was with the love of my life. We had our downs but as soon as we had those we figure it out we did something about it. We talked and things were fine always, mostly with us. We surprisingly never had a fight and I was so happy. I was just waiting for the day where I’d wake up and it’d all be a dream or that he’d leave me because he was too good to be true… That day came.

The third relationship… He was a sweet nice funny guy. Someone I really liked and cared for. We had a good year together, to be honest. But in the end, it was only down’s and I stopped having feelings for him, I had no interest in our relationship at all. And I just told him how it was when he started to feel me being off.

I’m currently in a fourth relationship, I may have counted completely wrong and the thing is, I cannot find myself to want to… Really love him, or anyone else. I have no interest, I’m still aching for the one.

In my current relationship got a lot of ups, but a huge down. A down I’m sadly afraid to admit that we cannot help, we cannot fix.

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