Terrible dreams…

Do you know when you’re trying to forget someone or something? And once you start to be fine and not ache, they come up in a dream. This has happened so many times I’m getting annoyed, sad and everything has to repeat, I have to go through the pain again. Everything again.

It’s been over a year now that I and my boyfriend broke up, the one. So many times I’ve tried to clear my head out for him, trying to move on, trying not to think of him and just mind me. Every time I think I have, I’m finally fine and go to bed. With a smile, nothing bothering me and I can fall asleep without any difficulty, then it comes. The dream that every time feels so real.

Each dream I’ve had about him is him finally messaging me or answering my message, where he unblocked me and told me what really went down, why he did what he did. And at the end of the dream, it’s the same time. “I’ll talk to you soon, my love. <3”

So I suppose as much as I want to think it’s so, I haven’t been able to forget about him, he’s always in my mind. And the fact is, I don’t want to let go and I know much say, it’s always better to let go, it’s over now and done with. It’s still so fresh or whatever, no it’s now we broke up. 2016. And I don’t want to be broken up, I at least want him to talk to me, see me. So I can see him

The dream I had last night was that he finally messaged me back after a year and told me why he did what he did, what went through his head and I wasn’t sure what was happening but I knew things would be fine because he told me he’d see me soon and with a heart. I knew everything would be fine as long as I had him. I woke up and it took me some moment before I knew it was only just a dream. My heart sank and now he’s on my mind again. But while cleaning out my closet and washing dishes I, too found his shirt I borrowed.


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