Day 3. The first time

The first of everything is always interesting.
The first kiss, the first date, the first time you saw each other, the first… Something else. I always used to watch youtube and the couple them telling their first times. It’s just a really nice and cosey conversation in my opinion.


My first of everything. You know, I’ve never really been the one to ask someone on a date, and as sad as it sounds, I don’t even remember my first date. But I do remember my first kiss. I was in a long distance relationship with a guy from Greece. The guy I was together with for about a year. I was I think 14-15 and he decided to visit me in Sweden. Rather a long trip and that he actually got his parents to agree to it is beyond me. Everything for their kid, I suppose- Rather spoiled now when I think about it.
It was when he first arrived and when I saw him I was like “wow” I just couldn’t melt in my head that it was really happening, that it was all for real but it was. It was an amazing feeling and weirdo I took his hand and said we had to hurry. So I dragged him with me out of the gate to outside and stopped because my mom and his mom was way behind not rushing like I did. But I was nervous. I don’t remember what happened exactly how it was but we kissed. It’s a cute story I think and I believe it’d be really sweet if it wasn’t for my hatred for that guy. But that was my first kiss. And would I rate the situation from 1-10 I would give it a ten? The kiss and how rushed it was… Er, that’s another number. Way low.

The first trip with my partner And I’m not going to count that one time with my first boyfriend us visiting a city just 30 min away with a car, but my first trip was with my first love. We went on a long car ride somewhere with his family and, that story is sadly for day 12 so it’s a while till then.

The first gift, one of the first gifts I got from my ex was a mirror. Rather cute little mobile mirror, if I’m to be honest. On the outside, it was a cute angel on, on the inside was two cute mirrors. Two, one on each side when you opened it up. However, when we broke up he wanted all the gifts back and I was just like. “Nope, I’m not sending one small mirror all the way from Sweden to Greece. I’ll be having to waste money on it.” God, he was triggered.

My first time starting to think about love… I remember, I was six or seven and I saw my classmates kept asking the two twins that were in my class, too. They were my best friends at the time. They kept asking one day. “Want to be together?” “Shall we be together?” and those two fuckers as I remember actually said “sure.” And I was so triggered, I don’t know. Maybe I was jealous, maybe I fancied them. But that day on the way home when mom picked me up I went on a full-blown rant on what it meant to be together with someone and they had no idea. I spoke as if I knew what I was talking about. I feel sorry for my mom having a conversation with her six-year-old about love.
… Poor mom.

That is honestly all I could think of this subject, these days I only do so I can get onto writing. Actually, do it.

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