Day 4. Infidelity

This is a hard subject, I’m not going to talk about someone cheating on me, but me on them… The relationship where I’ve been unfaithful. There is a moment when I have been cheated on and replaced. Which I’m not ready to talk about yet.


I’ve been in… Four relationships. That is not my current. Four real relationships. During those four I’ve been unfaithful to one, the one I should not have been, because it was the one I loved the most. Either way, I cheated on him twice that I can remember, that is disgusting and just… Not acceptable. First time was in the start of our relationship. I had the hots for an old friend of mine and we started to send late night snaps between us two. It went on for a good while and a few times, about a month or something. Of course that guy had a girlfriend at the time too, why did I do it? I was young and stupid. After a while a year or so later I felt so bad about it I had to tell him, I spewed my guts out to him on his bed, talking and crying and he… Forgave me, without any consiquenses, big mistake but in the end it’s all been my fault.

Next time was in the end of our relationship, it was during a time he cheated aswell but doesn’t make my actions more alright. I had just gotten him back, and I fucked it up. I was crushing on a guy. Stupid, stupid and disgusting. We had a fling for about two months, one month during my relationship, the other month after it ended.

The fling I had was a toxic anyways and now when it’s been over a year I see now what I was so careless about. But I cannot go back, all I can say we’re young and no one’s perfect. Not really.

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