Day 6. Future plans

There is a lot of things you can do in the future and your plans. But my blog isn’t about my success in school or work… At least not right now but for the more interesting subject called… Love. ❤ So let’s.


My future plans, they aren’t really there. I don’t have any. I have a relationship I have no intentions with to live within the future. But there are many times I’ve discussed the fun future with a partner. But let’s talk about what I want to do in the near future. I want to do a memory kind of book. You know those they all do the typical DIY (Do it yourself) sort of thing. Where you’ll write yer favorite memories, what you love about the person and so on. I want to make those and I want to buy a ticket to take the hour and a half train to my ex’s town. And just cross my fingers that I’ll stumble on him so I can give it to him in person.
Doubt I’ll do it and it’s probably will be a red flag for him to ever talk to me again but. It’s just a thing I create in my mind. I don’t have much else in mind.

That is boring but… that’s all I have in mind.

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