Is that meant to be a threat?

So there’s this guy, who’ve been having some beef with my mom and my family. Started with him deciding out of nowhere to talk smack. He started to call my mother a liar, jealous and yadda yadda. Starting to really throw some crap her way to her, and to others too. So I decided I’d talk to him, and all I told him was to calm down and if he didn’t decide to stop talking out his arse, he didn’t need to bother coming to ‘sort’ things out with us. Because I wouldn’t let him into our home. He right away got all chicken and went. “Are you threatening me?” – If he saw that as a threat, then he’s welcome to, however that was not a threat, it was an ultimatum, a rather fair one, too for that matter.

Leaving it to that I thought of nothing, he went on about him wanting his grill back and his Christmas tree he let us borrow, or something. Or ‘something’- That’s exactly what he wanted. They set up a time and date, apparently, he decided the time and date for him to pick up his stuff. Was today, Friday at eight. He tried multiple times to take it another day but my mother was so tired of his crap so she said no, and refuse to change her plans to suit his needs. Because from day one it’s always been about him and we’re honestly tired of it, always on his terms, all about him and how he likes it.

So denying his every attempt to try to change the date, telling us we don’t know how it is to have a life and being busy. For fuck sake, my mother is raising two young kids at the moment, one three the other five-years-old. We work, study and all that- He doesn’t even work, he rides his sick-penny-benefit like a whore. Taking advantage of it or whatever, he’s doing some shady side things as well, but that’s not what this is about.

When time hit for him to pick up his stuff he did lift his arse to get them from here, mom was kind enough to drop them outside for him just to take and then fuck off. While they were gone I was alone at home and mom forgot her phone. It rang on a ‘no caller id’ (which we know is him because we’ve tried to block him out.) So he rang on my mother’s phone 7ish times, then my phone called with the same ‘no caller id’ it’s funny how he has my number, no one got it and I’m not on google or anything either. So how he got my number is beyond me.
After that, he called mom again a few more times till she got home and it stopped calling. He’d called nonstop 13 times. 13 fucking times. And I started to get scared for mom and when she was coming home again, I messaged my boyfriend to vent about it and it took about 20 min before she got home.

So she’s home and he got his stuff, now we can block him out of our lives forever, no harm was done… Until he sends my mom’s boyfriend a perverted picture of me. It was out of nowhere and he decided to send that picture of me to him, with no context or anything. So I instantly see that as a way to threaten me.

What is this picture? I’m not going to show it but it’s me eating a cucumber while cleaning up spilled coffee in short dress. Was new years and I made it look a bit weird for the laughs at it, I had no idea he’d use it four months later against me.
So assuming he sends that just to fuck and show my mother what he can do. But boy did he fuck up there.

I instantly borrowed my mom’s phone to dial my dad and try to explain, I didn’t know what to say, I was too upset so I gave my mom the phone and she got to explain to him what had happened. And that was straight to the point and said to my mom that he doesn’t care what that guy does to my mom, but when he goes onto his daughter. “He threatening her, he’s threatening me.”
So my dad got this guys number and he decided to call him. Let’s call his guy, Max.

Dad and mom hang up and in a few more minutes dad calls again and he explains what happened, and now Max won’t answer dad’s calls anymore, probably because Max heard that dad didn’t sound too happy about what he tried with me.
He tried calling a few more times with no answer and then told my mom that if he does anything else to me, at all. He’ll pay Max a little visit. With his friends. Because his friends won’t let dad deal with this alone.
My father’s background, you shouldn’t mess with him, at least now if you’re a wuss like Max is.
Max is about 36, I’m 21 Turning 22.

So now it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out if Max lays off or do something more.

29341449_1864970686909319_716243599_n                                              “No caller ID”

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