Day 9. Favorite date

My preferred date, personally. It’s so different between people. Some do like going out to eat, watch a movie and just laugh all night, so do I. For a big date. But for a casual everyday date, it’s a bit different.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the be taken out to eat at a fancy restaurant or subway, then taken to the movies and just have a good time with my partner. But my most preferred casual date is, for me just perfect. a dream come true.

Imagine this, you get home after a long day from work, school or whatever you do. Yer tired and the dark starts to creep through the town. It’s starting to get cold and you go to your door to find your partner welcome you home with a warm dinner prepared. Chicken nuggets with sauce and prepared a good movie on the couch and once you finish your chicken nuggets you get to hold each other, under a blanket and then get so many snacks on the table, you won’t be able to finish it but, just the chance to choose whatever  you want to stuff yer face with.

It’s a simple home date, and it’s always been my favorite. Never have to worry about other people around. I personally got some anxiety with people and always think in the back of my head that they are watching and judging. But when it’s just you and your partner, sitting on the couch, stuffing your face with snacks. I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a chill night with the one you love the most.

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