Hard to swallow

I must say, I like these Daily Prompts thing, some word is a bit difficult for me to figure something about, so I ponder a bit. Reading other’s post and a few guides, trying to figure out what the word means to me. Today’s word is Swallow. First thing I thought about was the bird, Swallow. But if I am, to be honest, I’m no bird watcher, all I know about Swallows is that they are a majestic eagle. But something else that I came to think about is the feeling of trying to swallow when you feel as bad as you do and to swallow truth.

Everyone got their own truths, what is true for them and not. And I don’t mean 2+2 is 5, that will never be true… But I mean for an example, Brown is the best color. Now you may like blue, that’s your truth, but for me it’s brown.
Now that gets me to the, I’m no scientist, not a teacher, so whatever I say may or may not be facts. But it’s what I find true. How I live things.

It gets me telling you about these harsh feelings. Again.
The feeling you have in your chest when you feel sad, trying to swallow it down and it feels like a lump in your throat that you just can’t get down no matter how much you try to swallow and it just leaves a hurting feeling, your throat’s thick and there’s no way to get that pain away. And the pain throat that throat spread to your chest and gives you this tight feeling and all you can do at that moment to let it all out is go to bed and cry. Music in your ears or vent to someone you feel comfortable with or trust.
I’m not saying that’s like it for everyone, but I don’t think I’m alone with it. Everyone who’ve had this feeling may recognize it.

Then there’s this truth, that is just like this sadden feeling, hard to swallowing something, refusing to accept it’s true. I have a truth like that, a truth I just can’t swallow, I can’t progress. My ex not wanting me back, apparently. Even as I write that. I add ‘apparently’ because I can’t, and I refuse to accept what’s true, and I hate it when someone else tries to feed me it, as well.
At least… That’s how it is for me.

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