A deadbeat dad.

My mother and her ex, my two siblings father. (not mine) about a year and a half ago, broke up and separated. Move to their own places, which I’m fine with, I hated that guy. They decided to split the time the kids have with each of the parents. Every second week with us, every second week with him. During that time we noticed something strange each time they came back to us.

The kids were either:
Really disobedient, since they were allowed to act and get their way however when they were at their dad’s.
Their teeth weren’t brushed.
My little brother’s hand were dry and needed constant care with a cream to moisturize them. He came home here with wounds on his hands for no care to his hands.
They wore dirty or broken clothes.
They had been served junk food way too much.

Put it in mind that the kids are 3 and 5 at that time. Earlier this week the kid’s kindergarten teacher had been calling them, they open the kindergarten earlier than usual for the kid’s sake, they get there about 6 in the morning. But this time they hadn’t heard from the dad and got worried, so they called my mother to ask about it. Mom got pissed, so when she dropped me and my boyfriend at the train station since we were headed for Stockholm. She went to look for her kids since he didn’t answer her calls either.

She had gotten to his apartment and knocked on the door, he opened up but looked scared at her showing up. He said it was no good time and that he had company. He was in his robe and then it’s when mom found out he’d been sleeping and is now together with her friend. Or someone she used to call a friend, she was disgusted by both of them.
She gave him an ultimatum. Since during this time, he’d had the kids. During one and a half year he’d been with six different girls and introducing everyone to the kids. She told him, he could have the kids if -she- the guy he was sleeping with wasn’t there. He promised her he wouldn’t do that.
Just the next day she was there sleeping over anyways, Mother got pissed and told him to dress the kids because she was picking them up.
He didn’t fight for his kids but put clothes on them and waited downstairs with them. He gave them up to mom without a fight.

On this Friday my mother sent him a text if he could watch the kids while we were dropping off my boyfriend at the airport She asked for a specific time. From 13-19 o’clock. He messaged her and told her there was no possibility that he could do that. So fine, he has no time to watch his own kids. We got home earlier about 17 and guess what car we saw trying to hide? His car. He wasn’t up to see his kids, but his girlfriend and girlfriend’s kid lives in the same building. So he was there and no time at all for him to watch his own kids.

Saturday it was my little brother’s birthday, he was turning 6 years old. His dad was invited however he apparently didn’t want to show up ‘for the kid’s sake’ Yes, I don’t think they know anything weird is going on. So that was just loads of crap.
During the birthday the kids wanted to go outside and play and my mom let them on their own. 15 min later they were up and didn’t want to be outside and play anymore.
Their father was outside, playing with his girlfriends kid and the girlfriend during my little brother’s birthday.
So he can get fucked.

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