Can I be sexy?

I’m very positive that everyone has looked themselves in the mirror or just avoided that while asking the question. Am I sexy? Can I be? despite my flaws. Am I attractive? I was in bed thinking that myself. Watching Liza Koshy, she pointed out her small chest, but it’d seem her chest is actually bigger than mine. It got me worried and I actually had to google in a desperate attempt to see if I could actually be sexy despite having a really small chest.

And while I looked at other people who claimed to have a small chest, it was still a size that I’d consider rather big, compared to me at least.
Everyone got their insecurities and many think that people are perfect no matter what, sexy and attractive in their own way.
However, how come we can never accept us for how we are? We say we do in public but do we really? We go home, looking at that hair we have all over our body, more than others. Our weak nails. Our hair we try every day to look perfect every day. And a lot more I could list but won’t.

Everyone got their insecurities, but for me, in my eyes. I believe everyone’s beautiful, handsome and perfect and have the ability to be sexy. But why can I see that on other but not me?

Anyone can be sexy, I’ve talked to a few people and everyone is truly into different things, from big boob to small boobs. Into bondage, watersports, the typical vanilla, soft, rough. Honestly, I keep getting surprised how different people really are. But it’s very possible to attract someone who is into larger part with being rather small and vise versa.

I’m not too sure if I made sense, but I personally think, everyone. No matter how they look can indeed be sexy, but it seems not I can reflect those words to myself. Because I will still ask myself if I can indeed truly be sexy.

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