Psychic dreams

Do you believe in psychic dreams? I for sure don’t. I really don’t but every dream I’ve had that really gets to me have me thinking, re-thinking decisions and let those dreams just nag on me all day, or whatever conclusion I come up with after having that dream. I don’t really believe in psychic dreams or that my dreams do mean something or want to send a message to me, I don’t bash people who do. People are allowed to believe whatever they want.

Every one got dreams, some- if not most of the time the dream really doesn’t make any sense, just like my posts. But you do one thing but you’re at school shuffling plates and asking an ant to fasten their seatbelt or whatever.
My dreams tend to make somewhat sense even if they are a tad bit strange and weirdly put together. This dream I had made me come to one conclusion.

I dreamt that my mom and I were moving but we had to hurry and we couldn’t take too much with us just the most important things.
That comes from the fact that it’ve actually happened, the day my mother and I left an abusive household. We packed just the most neccessary and we couldn’t take too much of course, we were ditching in a heat of the moment to avoid too many complications.

I talked about plates and mom said I just need two of each so I did pack that carefully before leaving, ended up however that my mom sent me to live with my dad.
That happened once, my mother and I had a huge down in our relationship and she ended up not wanting me at home, she sent me to my dad and me ended up not returning home before around two years.

Months passed and I had found myself entering a BDSM relationship, in training. I had run away to a jewelry store, bought a silver melting lipstick, two ugly red rings, and a wooden pearl bracelet. The guy came to the store and screamed and yelled to the staff in the store for touching his property. Just then I turned to him and showed my new bracelet, he gave me a concerned look but then I broke down and said I lost my mind without my mother beside me. I dropped my things and dashed out of the store.
I could hear him in my mind telling me he thought it’d be a good interesting relationship and just wanted me to be alright. I just said I lost my mind.


Now, however, could that be a psychic dream? I don’t know but that did make me think for a moment. I’ve been planning to move next year, and maybe that’s what this dream came from. Me preparing my mother for my move and myself.

Yesterday when I was outside I told my mom that I’ll prepare her for my move next year and she just getting anxious, her friend told her it was time for my mother to let go. However I won’t just move to another city, I’ll move to another country. So far away from my family from everyone I love. To be honest, with the paperwork and how moving to another country works, I have no idea…

But for the start I ask myself, am I ready to move?
The answer is: No.
No, I’m not ready at all, it’s scary but I want to do it because I want to be with the guy I’m in love with. I’m willing to work through the difficult parts with him by my side. I’m willing and want to, but I’m not ready and it’s frightening.

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