Child abuse?!

I was outside with my mom and a friend of her, suddenly I see as I sit on the park bench a former friend of her walking towards us. This person is known to be a bit… Special. She leaves her 4-year-old home alone at night while she sleeps so this lady can go sleep with some random. It’s HOT outside and she put her child in winter boots. She also has slept over with the guys, sleeping in the same bad as the guys she has with her daughter.
It’s not that she just changes guy 2 times a month, but she also has multiple guys at once. She does her, whatever. But she involves every guy with her daughter…
So yesterday I heard she was outside and her daughter had gotten some water on her, and this mother start shouting and scolding my little brother. Infront of my mother’s eyes. My mom wasn’t happy at all and told her off, really pissed off. No mother like it when another person tries to lecture their kid in front of their eyes, let’s be honest.

So she came to the bench today and went on about herself wishing to be polite and talk to us. She was so passive aggressive talking about how she wouldn’t accept bullying or harsh words in front of kids. She talked about how her kids were the happiest in the park. Something about us thinking it’s fun a kid’s scared for her life. “Do you know why she’s so scared? She almost drowned. But you think that’s funny a 4-year-old almost drowning.” I put her in her place and I was seconds away from slapping her, I don’t care who sees or whatever she calls. She comes to us trying to be the better person. But she just vomits passive-aggressive insults. I ofc defended us but she didn’t like that I talked, however, I couldn’t give a fuck. And what’s with the people when they know they have nothing more to say just turn their back away with their nose in the air?
No, you cannot act the better person when you accuse someone of abusing a child. She came to say that’s something-child abuse. Telling my mom she abused her kids.

I don’t mean to be that kind of person, but if that slut wants to talk about abuse, I’ll show her another kind of abuse. And I really don’t care what may happen to me. She better back off.

Rant over.

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