Lost friendship

I don’t know what to go on about today, but I came to think of old friends, most specificly a friend I used to adore and really like, even pass his possessivnessand wanting to sleep with me. Jack was his name. I adored him and we were pretty good friends… It was a couple of years ago. I remember he felt free to ‘lecture’ me whenever I did something he didn’t agree on. I hated that, but I still adored him.

Maybe I didn’t adore him. I was just dependent on him a lot. I don’t know, but either way I wanted him to stay by my side, he went on about having feelings for me, a huge confession and just pouring his heart out, I turned him down. I wasn’t interested in him that way- However two days later, despite me and other people advicing him not to, he got together with someone, who said she was a girl. Whatever that preference whatever, but at least for some people there’s a obvious difference between a girl and a guy. Once this dude found out ‘she’ had been lying to him, sending fake pictures and all that. He got angry and I was just happy that he was wrong. Not only was the person a fake, but she was a bitch too, if a guy she liked spent time with someone else, all hell broke lose.

I don’t remember how me and this guy broke our friendship, but it was unstable anyways. I think it was because I got together with a guy he didn’t approve of, he’s not the only one who goes on to be pissed at me for getting with someone THEY don’t want me to do.
Reminds me of another guy, I’ll bring up another time.

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