I’ve learned with years from depression to control my emotions, try to be understanding when other’s cannot. But there’s one emotion I have huge problems with controlling. It’s when I’m annoyed. And when I try to control it, I sort of can if the smallest thing doesn’t happen, like having dry feet. I cannot have dry feet or hands and function like a normal person. Or when I’m slightly annoyed and someone acts like a complete cunt.
My boyfriend has a friend, they were meant to meet up in easter and hang out for a week or so. But they changed the plans and this guy he’s meant to hang out with have been trying to slip out of hanging out with his excuses. First, it was something with his family not being right, he didn’t feel good. Then they had a date settled and he tried to cancel it the last minute to hang with someone else. My boyfriend is too nice, but he feels terrible.
They don’t talk as much as before, this guy actively avoids my boyfriend but just logging out or whatever and acting like a complete shit. He’ve got a few diagnoses, I’d guess something along social anxiety, Depression, and other things. And normally I’d try to be understanding of one’s illness… But this friendship is rather abusive.

They’ve had these up and downs before, and every time my boy has tried to be understanding, beg for forgiveness when the fact is that he did nothing wrong. Let’s call my boyfriend’s friend Greg.
What he thinks is that Greg is acting jealous because of him having a relationship and he have not and that he’s so lonely as he is.

Greg has also before just ignored my boyfriend with blocking and whatever. For the most stupid reason, which I don’t understand. But they became friends again. My boyfriend will let Greg act however he wishes, and that angered me.
He’s too scared of hurting Greg’s feelings that he doesn’t think of how much he suffers from this himself. Greg doesn’t -seem- to care, while my boyfriend is suffering, scared of losing his friend.

I wouldn’t call myself a very forgiving woman, so in my eyes, what I think is that my boyfriend should drop Greg or cancel the trip to him HIMSELF as a warning. Because Greg should understand he cannot act however he wishes without consequences, at least that’s what I think. I cannot force my man to do what I want, I can only advice.

I talked about this last night with him and due to my anger, I wasn’t very kind- I was harsh to both him and Greg.
I want to understand one’s illness, their struggle, but I will never give them a pass to be an absolute dickhead without any consequences. Maybe that’s just me.

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